details and pricing.


How does this process take and how long?

A custom portrait session from start to finish, the process can actually take several weeks. It also depends on your availability and my workload. It’s definitely an investment of time, but the end results are well worth it.

How much does it cost?

Let’s make this easy and simple.  Anvuela studio provides session + photos package together for all kind of sessions. A regular session starts at $150 with three complimentary high resolution images; additional high resolution image can be purchased separately. The average client then invests between $250 and $700 to purchase the products (whether that be professional prints, custom designed albums and/or high resultion files) they love most.

The session can be taken at the studio, client’s own house or on location. No extra travel fee.

For more questions regarding on the pricing or session, Please contact me if you have additional questions or concerns.

Be sure to see the FAQ’s for more details on session. :)


updated: FEB 01 2017