about me.
My name is An, but most people will spell to “Ann” or “Anne”. I’m okay with that too! :) I’ve spent 12 years of my life studying Music and playing piano and Cello in Taiwan. When our whole family moved to Vancouver, I decided to be a graphic designer, my parents were stoked. :) but they still respect my decision. I went to film school to learn about art and design, and found my strong passion to photography. Therefore I’m a self-taught photographer and I’ve had the honour of photographing many many kids/families all across Vancouver for more than five years now. ( wow, has it been that long?) Capturing moments for kids/people in an emotional, creative and organic way is what i do now and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

about ANVUELA. this name.
An is my name ; Vuela is v-uay-la in spanish, means “fly”.
Welcome to my little space, hope you’ll enjoy it.