maternity. chelsea and douglas

by anvuela posted January 23, 2015 category inspiration, outdoor session.

The first post of 2015 I’m going to share this session which was photographed LAST march ( chelsea and douglas’s sweet baby boy will be celebrating his first birthday in just a couple of months!) — her magical energy and the positive mind, on top of being absolutely stunning, she has an equally beautiful heart has spread the good vibes throughout this session. this is what I’m also looking forward to this year — be positive, open-mined and be a giver.

i can’t say enough what an honour it is to get to document these awesome human being and their treasurable moment, i have so much awesome to share with you all and i’m going to be doing a whole lot more of it (during my maternity leave now haha). each session i shoot is its own little story, they are unscripted, free spirit, and #keepitreal.

say hello to chelsea and douglas.


** by the way, chelsea is also a super talented photographer, and her sweet baby boy has his own instagram I always grin from ear to ear when I see his daily photo.

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